Made in Bethlehem

Olivewood Imports

  • Olivewood Imports is dedicated to assisting Christian Artisans in the Holy Land to maintain their fragile source of livelihood.  
  • To place an order, please call, text or email to the contact information below.  We would love to help anyway we can!  Orders will be shipped promptly.

The Olive Tree

In the Old Testament, Olive Oil was used to anoint prophets and kings.  It was used to light the lamps in the temple of Jerusalem.  Olive Oil was used for healing and cleansing.
     "He cuts off every branch in me that bears no fruit, while every branch that does bear fruit he prunes."-John 15:2
     Later in the New Testament, Jesus was described as the "Anointed one."
After the Olives are picked, they are pressed for oil production.  This process reminds us how Jesus was "Pressed" in pain and suffered for us.

All items are made from the trimmings of the Olive Tree, which is referred to as the 
"Tree of Life".


Olivewood & Hemmatite $15.00
Mother of Pearl Rosary $20.00

God is Greater than Your Highs and Lows

Fish:  $7.00  -  Heart:  $6.00
Palm Cross:  $8.00

Fish Plaques

6.25" X 2"  $18.00