These make beautiful faith expression pieces for your own home and will make very meaningful gifts!

Beautiful Ordination  Gifts

Communion Cup with detailed carving of Last Supper with metal non removable  insert.  7.5" High $125.00
Footwashing    7"X 6.25   $85.00  


Praying Hands  6.25"  $32.00
Praying Hands 8"  $60.00
Plate  10"  2 glass lens  $45.00

Glass lens contains either small rocks, sand, Olive Leaves, Frankincense, Rose Petals all from the Holy Land.

Wall Hangings
God Bless Our Home.   14"   $40.00
Jesus I Trust in You.       14"   $40.00
Both have 2 glass vials containing water & oil.  


Bust of Christ  8.5"  $85.00  
Jesus knocking at door  14"  $285.00
Head of Christ in bark  7"  $46.00
Jesus & Children(detailed)  7 "  $140.00
Jesus and Children (Faceless) 7.25"  $44.00

A Few Favorites

Faceless Good Shepherd  9.5"  $44.00
Detailed Good Shepherd  7.25"   $40.00
Lion & Lamb  $78.00

Last Supper Wall Plaques

Round Plate contains 3 lens with Rose Petals, Sand, and Frankincense
9"  $45.00
Rectangle Plaque  5.25" X 9"  $40.00
 (2 lens Frankincense & Rose Petals)

Jesus Carrying The Cross

17"  $425.00,  11"  $225.00,  
9" $89.00,  6"  $40.00


We try to carry a large assortment of beautiful pieces for each liturgical season.  Not all product is pictured.  Please feel free to call, text or email if looking for something specific.  We are more than happy to help you find the right piece!!


Nativity sets include stable and 12 pieces.  Just one of the many beautiful features of these priceless sets is that Jesus and the manger are separate.  All pieces fit inside the stable for easy storage.  You can request either faceless figures or the more detailed figures.  Prices vary depending on style of figures.  
Largest stable we carry is approximately 18" high and tallest figure 10.5" high.
Call or email if interested.  Price dependent on freight costs.

Faceless figures and  8" Stable
with cut out angel in back of stable.      $150.00

Detailed figures and 10" Musical stable.  Turn star to play "Silent Night".  $230.00  Without Music  $220.00

Very detailed musical stable with carved figures. $300.00.  You may opt to purchase this stable with faceless figures.  Prices depend on style of figures. 

1 Piece Nativites

Bell Nativity 6" High  $38.00
Tree Shaped Nativity (Turn star to play Silent Night) 8.5" High X 6"  Has Frankincense in glass lens  $65.00


Beautiful ornament that tells the Christmas Story  4.75"  $8.50

Nativity Ornaments

Nativity grotto 2.5"  $6.00
Bell Nativity Ornament  3"  $6.00


Political turmoil has deeply affected the lives of the loyal Christian families who have skillfully handcrafted these beautiful Olivewood masterpieces for you to enjoy.  Rich grain is evident on each piece.  No two pieces are exactly the same.  As the tree ages, the grain becomes darker and richer in color.

Crosses and Crucifixes

Many of the crosses and crucifixes come with or without elements inside a glass lens.  The elements available are:  Frankincense: which represents Kingship and Divinity.  Christ is our King and Divine.  Olive Leaves:  Because these items are made from the trimmings of the Olive Tree and is a very revered tree, known as the Tree of Life."  Rose Petals:  The Mother of God is referred to as the "Mystical Rose."  Small rocks:  a reminder for us not to judge. Sand:  Representing Holy Ground where Jesus walked.

Holy Spirit Cross
Great for Confirmation Keepsake

8" $20.00    4.5" $6.00

Face of Christ Cross

11.25" X 8.5"  $46.00
Contains Frankincense or small rocks in glass lens.


8" Heart Cross  $32.00
8" Praying Hand Cross  $32.00
  (Both make nice wedding gifts)

Crosses with Elements

10" Cross with 4 glass lens containing Small rocks, Olive Leaves, Frankincense, Rose Petals $32.00

8" Cross containing 1 lens of Frankincense  $20.00

Prayer Crosses

Lord's Prayer Cross  8"  $20.00
Hail Mary Cross 8" $20.00
                 Hangs nicely.


8"  Contains 1 lens of Frankincense  $30.00

Specialty Crosses

Cross with Communion Cup 10" $32.00
     Great for a Pastor or Seminarian
Sacred Heart of Jesus Cross 10"  $32.00

Greek Style Crucifixes

11" $40.00
8.5"with elements  $38.00
7" with 1 glass lens $28.00
5"  $12.00

Latin Style Crucifix

14"  $56.00   10"  $36.00
8"  $20.00
8" with 4 lens (Frankincense, small rocks, Olive Leaves, Rose Petals) $36.00
4.75"  $10.00

The Blessed Mother and Saints


St Joseph  extremely detailed 10.5"  $140.00
St. Francis  both styles 9"  L  $60.00, 
R $65.00

The Blessed Mother

Large Exquisitely  Detailed Mother of God  19"$300.00
Back Left  Faceless  Mary Holding Jesus  8.5"  $42.00
Front Left  Faceless Mary Holding Jesus 
 7.5"  $38.00
Back Right  Faceless Mary Holding Jesus 8.5"  $42.00
Front Right  Faceless Mary Holding Jesus  8.5" $34.00 

Right photo:   
Pregnant Mary (very detailed)  10"  $175.00
Front Left:  8"  $72.00
Right Front:  Mary sitting   6"  $42.00
Right Back  8.5"  $48.00

Holy Water Font & Wall Plaaque

God Bless Our Home:  6" X 6"  $18.00  Hangs nicely.
Font:  Contains 2 glass lens; Roses because Mary is the Mystical Rose, and Frankincense which represents Kingship and Divinity.  Christ is Divine and our King!  $32.00

St Michael 

Extremely Detailed 14"  $325.00

The Jerusalem Cross
The Jerusalem Cross is a significant Cross.  The Large Cross represents Christ and how He is to be the center of our lives.  The 4 smaller Crosses represent the 4 evangelists who spread the gospel to the 4 ends of the earth.  All 5 crosses represent the 5 wounds that jesus suffered when He was nailed to the cross.

Large Jerusalem Cross with Lord's Prayer Cross contains 2 glass vials of water and oil.  
Large 10.5"  $40.00       Small 4"  $8.00  (pictured below)

Serenity Prayer

Hangs nicely.  9"  $40.00

Praying Hands

10" Plate with Praying Hands and 2 glass lens  $45.00
Small Praying Hands  $32.00  6"
Large Praying Hands $56.00  8"

Noah's Ark

  • Beautiful Baptism Gifts
  • Very Detailed
Large Noah Ark   8.5" across  5.5" high  $145.00
Small Noah Ark  5.5" across  $65.00
Noah Ark Cross  6.25"  $15.00

Beautiful Wedding Gifts

Heart:  6" High X 7"  $32.00
Wedding Cross with Rings  7" $20.00

God Bless Your Special Place!

God Bless Cabin & Camper Hanging                   3" X 8"  $24.00

HolyHol Families

Left  Joseph standing over Mary and Jesus
  6.5"  $42.00
Right  Joseph & Mary Standing  7.5"  $42.00

Holy Family
Joseph bending over adoring 
Mary and Jesus  6.5" X 3.5"  $44.00

Olivewood Imports

          Holy Family

                     6.5"  $30.00

          Holy Family
           6"  $40.00

     Holy Family

         Left  Flight to Egypt  6.5"
         Right  Holy Family with lamb  6.5"  $40.00

          Holy Family

          Traditional Holy Family  9"  $40.00